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Past Seminars (January 2007 -)
[Platform Seminar 2007]
November Meeting : Platform Seminar: 11/14 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "India-Japan Differences in Science, Technology & Culture" in English
 by Dr. Sanjay Seth (Knowledge-Links)
  Part II:  "Challenges for Japan's Lunar Explorer 'KAGUYA'" in English
by Dr. Seiichi Sakamoto (Professor at ISAS, JAXA)
October Meeting : Platform Seminar: 10/17 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "Past, Present and Future of Japanese Politics" in English
 by Mr. Sam Jameson (Journalist, Japan Specialist)
  Part II:  "Past, Present and Future of Japan-China Economic Relations: Economic Reform in China as WTO Member" in Japanese
by Mr. Shoichi Ikuta (Corporate Advisor, Marubeni Corp., Former Councilor, METI)
September Meeting : Platform Seminar: 9/19 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "Japan's NPOs under Globalization" in Japanese
 by Mr. Kanzo Kobayashi (Secretariat Division, ITC Coordinators Association)
  Part II:  "Clusters and Innovation in Japan" in English
by Dr. Nathalie Cavasin (Visiting Researcher, Waseda University)
July Meeting : Platform Seminar: 7/25 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "The Linkages between Iraq, Iran and North Korea for Japan" in English
 by Mr. Robert Dujarric (Director, Institute of Contemporary Japanese Studies, Temple University-Japan Campus)
  Part II:  "Iraq Problem from the Viewpoint of Japan Facing North Korea" in Japanese
by Mr. Motohiro Ohno (Middle East Research Institute)
June Meeting : Platform Seminar: 6/13 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "Japanese Economy and Productivity" in English
 by Prof. Michael Smitka (Washington and Lee University)
  Part II:  "Internationalization and Performance of Japanese Corporations" in Japanese
by Emeritus Prof. Noritake Kobayashi (Keio University)
May Meeting : Platform Seminar: 5/9 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "Management of Technology for Business" in English
 by Prof. Sidney Feinleib (Chuo University)
  Part II:  "Exploding Social Media" in Japanese
by Mr. Tsukuaki Yukawa (Jiji Press)
April Meeting : Platform Seminar: 4/5 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "Political System Comparison among Japan, Britain & Europe" in English
 by Mr. John Olsen (Young Liberals of Norway)
  Part II:  "Suggestions for Japan's National Security Council" in Japanese
by Dr. Tomohito Shinoda (Professor, Int'l Univ. of Japan)
February Meeting : Platform Seminar: 2/22 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "Public Communication to Create Social Knowledge on Science and Sustainability" in English
 by Dr. Edward A. Jones (Program Coordinator, The Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Master Teacher Program and at Tama University)
  Part II:  "Nation's PR and Information Strategy" in Japanese
by Mr. Kobo Inamura (Visiting Professor, Chuo University)
January Meeting : Platform Seminar: 1/17 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "American options for the management of North Korea in a Post-Iraq and Post-Bush World" in English
 by Robert Dujarric (the Co-chairman of the Korea Japan Study Group)
  Part II:  "Japan's Foreign Relations: Prospects for 2007" in Japanese
by Kuniko SUZUKI (Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo)
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