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Shujiro Urata
  • Formation of Economic Partnership Agreements: The Last Chance for Japan to Become a Regional Leader in East Asia (Debates)
  • Japan's Free Trade Agreements: Structural Reforms Needed to Enhance Competitiveness

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    Tsutomu Watanabe
  • Debate on Deflation in Japan: Comment on Richard Katz (Debates)

  • Wireless Watch Japan (Tech Reviews) video
  • Wireless Japan Expo: Video Report
  • May the 3G Force Be With You
  • Motorola Debuts 3G Smartphone in Japan
  • Digital TV Cell Phone Test Drive
  • KDDI Launches Mobile Ez-Book Portal
  • Live Baseball for the Mobile Screen
  • KDDI Designing Studio: Video Tour
  • Japan Rail, DoCoMo State Mobile Suica Plans
  • Intelligence from CEATEC
  • 3G FOMA 901i Launch
  • Two New V603s: Killer Swivel Clamshells
  • MobaHo!: Satellite Broadcast to Mobile
  • Decorating your Cell Phone: Not Just for X-mas
  • MIT2 Wrap-up Video Report
  • Vodafone's Half-Time Show
  • Mobile Monday Rocks!!!
  • Habbo Hotel Coming to Japan Mobile
  • DoCoMo Presser: Notes from the Future
  • Sony's New PSP Debut on Video
  • Manga for Mobile: Video Preview
  • Macromedia's Flash Lite Shines
  • 3G Phones with Flash or WLAN
  • Fujitsu's New VoIP/PHS Handset
  • Hello Hot Spots: Wi-Fi Sniffing
  • Mogi: Socially Connected GPS Gaming
  • DoCoMo's New CEO Meets the Press
  • Newest FOMA Keitai: Raising the Bar
  • Satellite Broadcast to Mobile Phones
  • 100th Webcast: Japan Mobile Rocks!
  • Summer Handset Parade on Video
  • DoCoMo's 506i Series Launch Event
  • Image Delivery to a Babel of Handsets
  • MPEG-4 Mobile Video Evolution
  • Vodafone's New Shibuya Megastore
  • DoCoMo's New 3G Service Model
  • Survey of Japan's Wireless Market
  • Wireless Cash: Shopping with FeliCa!
  • Extracting 3G Profit Lessons from Japan
  • DoCoMo's Paradigm: Flat Rate Forces Shift
  • FeliCa: Trashing the Leather Wallet
  • Bow-Lingual - A Cell Phone for Fido
  • Cell-Phone Inventor Touts Broadband Wireless
  • Extracting 3G Profit Lessons from Japan
  • 3G Mobile Solar Power Solution
  • Japan Wireless 2004 Preview
  • Mobile FeliCa Trial Launch
  • DoCoMo Pre-Christmas Press Briefing
  • Magic Machine for Camera Phone Photos
  • NEC's V601N: Japan's First TV Cell Phone
  • Importing Wireless Products from Abroad
  • Tokyo Motor Show: Telematics To Go, Anyone?
  • DoCoMo Announces First Half Financials
  • CEATEC Japan 2003: The Future of Wireless
  • Tokyo Game Show; A War On Java BREWing
  • Vodafone KK Launches TV-Phone Surprise
  • WPC Expo: FOMA, Telematics and Wristomo
  • Test Drive on Sharp's J-SH53 Handset
  • DoCoMo Press Conference: Exclusive Access
  • Mobidec '03: Plenty of Room at the Bottom
  • Java Streaming for the Wireless Web
  • Irish Mobile Tech Rocks Shibuya
  • Nokia Recruits Japanese Mobile Developers
  • Healthcare Goes Mobile
  • Report: Wireless Japan 2003
  • Vision for the Future of Wireless Watch Japan
  • Gartner Predicts; Convergence and Collision
  • First International Moblog Conference
  • Wireless Watch Japan Update
  • Tokyo Startup Leverages Mobile Mail
  • Sony Ericsson: Sublime Japan Handset Design
  • Face-Recognition Magic Comes to Mobile
  • bitWallet: Sony & DoCoMo Make Mobile Money
  • Java Mobile Marketing for GM Opel
  • Making Money with P2P in Japan's Wireless Space
  • Will Japan BREW Jolt Java?
  • 3-D Graphic Capsule Engine Grabs Attention
  • Smartphones Stir Up Japan's Mobile Market
  • Mobile Software Companies Expand Overseas
  • Japan's Mobile Year of Living Dangerously
  • Panasonic vs. Sharp vs. Toshiba: Handset Showdown
  • KPN Mobile NL CEO: Ring Tones 'Most Popular Content'
  • Mobile Marketing: Corporate Plans Don't Make Sense
  • WLAN: NTT Com VP Doesn't Expect 'Large Revenue'

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